Narateak is a company that was born and grows in the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. The company specializes in supplying and retailing high-quality teak wood furniture and decorations for people around the globe. Growing up in the area surrounded by many talented people who are able to create fine furniture and decorations out of natural materials, the founder became motivated and inspired to share their remarkable masterpieces to the world. He interested and particularly drawn to the allure of teak wood furniture and decorations. Seeing some of the talented artisans that never promote their works in online environment, the founder decided to make his own brand in 2023. He has a big dream of empowering those talented artisans and making their teak wood furniture and decoration creations noticed and well-known by people around the world. He began collaborating with some artisans who could make high-quality teak wood furniture and decorations, and he built a website where he could share and promote all the products details and specifications. It was hard to earn trust from the customers at the beginning, but as the time goes by, some people started to aware with our brand and purchased few of our products. The company then started to earn trust from some customers from different countries. As the company grows, our teams regularly improve and maintain the quality of our work and products, while also encouraging some new amazing innovations.